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    Pop-Up Messages


    I'm working on a Client/Server application.

    I'm handling most of the error messages that i'm knowing in the applciation that might occur. But, unexpectedly, the application is giving unknown error messages which is stopping the script execution.

    The script executions will happen in night time also.

    So, some unknown error message is popping up and stopping the execution.

    I want the winrunner to click on the 'ok' button if an unknown error message comes up.

    If any one had faced this typw of problem before, please help me in resolving this issue.

    Thanks in advance.


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    Re: Pop-Up Messages

    Winrunner has exeption handlers which can be used to detect a specific dialogue at any point in execution. It will call a function to perform some action, then return to execution.
    Although I can't give specifics (as I no longer work with the tool anymore), I remember thinking "wow, thats a good idea". I did a quick search and found this-

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    Re: Pop-Up Messages

    The functions available to you to handle exceptions are in the TSL online help file.

    In the Contents section, Expand "Functions by Category", Expand "Standard Functions", and look at "Exception Handing Functions"

    That page in the help file will give you what functions you have built in to handle exceptions.

    With you only wanting to click the "OK" button, all the functionaltiy is currently there for you, you just need to define the exception and turn it on for your script.
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