I'm working on a Client\Server application. I have made WinRunner to learn the Error Message windows Initially. I have added its name as "winDimErrorMessage"

If i run on the same system, the script is working fine.

And, if i run that script on the other system or machine, WinRunner is giving an error saying "Cannot find the object" or "Object not found".

More information:

1. Verified the Window Properties through GUI SPY:

When i view the properties of the Error Message Window by GUI Spy, it was showing a completely different Window Name.

2. When i tried to record the click on the OK buttin on the same error message window, it was recorded with some other window name.

These are the window names that WinRunner had added in the script when i recorded in different systems or machines.

a) D_client\server_1
b) Excel sheet_1
c) Instclaims_1

If anyone had faced these type of problems in your work, please provide the resolution.

Appreciate your help.

Thanks in Advance,