I'm going thru the WinRunner tutorial using the sample app's given by WinRunner I have a question regarding one of the tutorials (to be specific, it's Lab 2a). I'm supposed to run the SAME SCRIPT
once with NO GUI MAP and once with GUI MAP LOADED. THE SCRIPT is attached in the BOTTOM of the window.

Ran the script in DEBUG MODE with NO GUI MAP:

File > Open > WR76 Training > tests > Lab2a.
Select Tools > GUI Map Editor.
Select File > Close All.
Click Yes to clear the temporary buffer
Select File > Exit.

The expected result is that, it should geneate errors.... which is WORKING FINE/ AS EXPECTED.

Ran the scirpt in DEBUG MODE with GUI MAP LOADED:

Select Tools > GUI Map Editor.
From the GUI Map Editor menu select File > Open.
Navigate to \WR76 Training\trn_init and select "flight76.gui."
Press the Open button to load the GUI file.
Close the GUI Map Editor.

When I an the script with GUI MAP LOADED, it's still generating errors. The expected result is that it should not generate any errors.

>>>>>> The problem is When I close the GUI Map Editor, it's not retaining anything in the GUI file. It just closes the GUI MAP EDITOR. So, how do I save the GUI File and run the script (attached on the bottom) successfully/ without errors?

# Flight Reservations should be open and displaying the Login window.

# Login
set_window ("Login", 5);
edit_set ("Agent Name:", "john doe");
password_edit_set("Password:", "kzptnyoslzjsaz");
button_press ("OK");

# Flight Reservation
set_window ("Flight Reservation", 25);
menu_select_item ("File;New Order");
edit_set("Date of Flight:","12/12/05");
list_select_item ("Fly From:", "Frankfurt"); # Item Number 1;
list_select_item ("Fly To:", "Los Angeles"); # Item Number 2;

# Flights Table
set_window ("Flights Table", 1);
list_select_item ("Flight", "20334 FRA 12:12 AM LAX
07:23 PM AA $112.20"); # Item Number 1;
button_press ("OK");

# Flight Reservation
set_window ("Flight Reservation", 1);
edit_set ("Name:", "John Doe");
button_set ("Business", ON);
edit_set ("Tickets:", "2");
button_press ("Insert Order");