I have mostly been using web functions in WR and this is the first time I am automating tests for a VB application. It would be great if anyone can help me with my problem. Apologies if this topic has been dealt with numerous times. I have tried an extensive search but was not able to get a solution.

Problem : I have an activex object in my application. The Physical description reads
"{class: object,vb_name: cbxFrequency,MSW_id: 1,MSW_class: "HCTLComboBox.HComboBox",location: 0}

On the Active X tab of the GUI spy, I find a number of methods listed. What I understand is that this object is some sort of a combo box which requires some active x method to be invoked to check what value is currently selected.

In the GUI spy ( Active X tab), when i select the "Text" member, The method shown to me is "BSTR Text".
1)How exactly do i use this method?
2)What parameters do I need to pass to this method?
3)Shld I use the ActiveX_activate_method from TSL

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks