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    Using DLL in Winrunner Test Script

    How do we use a DLL created in VB in the Winrunner Test Script. I have to use a function defined in that DLL in Winrunner. I have used the following code
    extern int CheckStandValidations(string);
    load_dll("<DLL Path>");
    a = CheckStandValidations("aaa");
    this code is giving me RPC Error.

    How to solve this issue?

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    Re: Using DLL in Winrunner Test Script

    You might have better response if you try the Winrunner forum.

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    Re: Using DLL in Winrunner Test Script

    You need to use VBScript to call VB dll directly form Winrunner. Put following code in VBScript file and execute it with WSCRIPT from Winrunner.
    Dim example as dll
    set example=createObject("dll.clsname");

    execute this VBS file form Wintrunner using WSCRIPT.

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    Re: Using DLL in Winrunner Test Script

    hi rmprasad123..!!

    thanx for ur response.

    but i dont know how to use WScript.
    a detailed example would be very useful.
    and one more query is how can i identify VB.net controls on a form thru winrunner coz VB control names are detected by WR but .Net Control names are not detected.
    should i use DotNet Addin if so how to use it?

    thanx & regards,



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