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    \'call\' statement not working with \'exceptions\'


    I prepared a script with define_tsl_exception for various tsl statements used in my script. The exceptions were working perfectly fine. But, as i tried to call the script using "call" statement, the exceptions were not working. The exceptions were not even getting enabled with exception_on command.
    Doesn't call statement work with exceptions? Please help out. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: \'call\' statement not working with \'exceptions\'

    If they are in the same script as what you are caling they should do just fine as far as I know. If you turn exceptions on in one script and expect them to work in another, that gets a bit flakey.
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    Re: \'call\' statement not working with \'exceptions\'

    I included the exceptions in a compiled module and it is working now.



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