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    complex query execution


    I want to know whther winner can handle complex database queries. Iam facing a problem when I execute complex quries.
    The version of winrunner that Iam using is winrunner 8.0.

    First, when I tried to execute a
    complex query : query which involved selection of data from three different tables ( eg: select item.a , item.b , item.c from table1 a, table2 b, table3 c where...) I get an error. The error code is -1. I put this complex query in a variable and execute it using db_execute_query statement.
    But, when I execute a query which involes selection between two different tables Iam able to execute it sucessfully. I use the same approach as before, I send the query in a variable and execute it using db_execute_query statement.
    Can anybody help me in what could be the problem. Is it that winrunner cannot handle complex queries between more than two tables?
    Kindly enlighten me.

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    Re: complex query execution

    WinRunner doesn't "handle" database queries at all - it just passes them to the DB engine.

    So if yours is failing, there is a problem with the query as constructed.

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    Re: complex query execution

    WinRunner can handle anything ODBC can handle. Try db_get_last_error to see what the problem is.

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    Re: complex query execution

    Does the query work in the database,
    say TOAD or SQL*plus, or the one that comes with MS ACCESS or SQL SERVER's Query Analyzer ???



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