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    manually add a window to GUI map file

    Is it possible to manually add a window (not an object) to the GUI map file? I tried using the "Add" button on the GUI Map Editor but it wants me to specify the window that my new object belongs to. The problem is, I'm not adding an object but a window so it doesn't belong to any window.

    To further elaborate my situation:
    My application occasionally generates an error message which I need to close in order for my batch test to continue. I tried to "Learn" the window and the appropriate button but after clicking Learn my system freezes... (sort of, hitting Ctrl-Alt-Del then selecting Cancel puts it back to normal but the window does not get learned). I managed to successfully get the GUI Spy to spy on the window and so I was able to copy its physical description into the clipboard but when I try to add that window manually I have the problem as indicated above.

    Thanks for any help you may be able to provide.

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    Re: manually add a window to GUI map file

    Learn any old window (notepad), then edit the physical description - copy the output from the gui spy. Then change the logical name to be whatever you wish.

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    Re: manually add a window to GUI map file

    Yes, you can manually add items into the GUI map files.

    Check out the TSL help file information realted to the GUI_add() function.
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    Re: manually add a window to GUI map file

    Ack, bpolitzer...

    Your solution is so obvious I feel like such a moron for not seeing it. Thanks for the kick in the head...

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    Re: manually add a window to GUI map file

    plz configure the window using gui map configuration and asssign the object to window class.then continue........



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