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    shopping cart

    I am trying to automate a shopping cart on web. When i run the script it is running the script correctly. It is a data driven test , so when i log out the web store, close the browser and login and come back for the second time. then it is kind of not recongnizing the BUY buttons on the page, whit it was able to recongnize the first time. I did spy the properties second time. Nothing is changing. I am providing with the Statement in the script for the BUY button. I am even clearing the GUI buffer with GUI_Unload_all(). can any one help me?

    term[i] = buy.jpg
    link1 = "{class: object,MSW_class: html_rect,html_name: \"!.*" & "\"" & term[i] & "\"" & ".*\",location:" & i & "}";
    web_image_click(link1 , 14, 8);

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    Re: shopping cart

    Have you gone in with Gui SPy to make sure nothing is changing? Since you are using locations in the physical description, it could cause issues if different buttons are on the page when you go back into it the second time compared to the first.
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    Re: shopping cart

    Nothing is changing WRT to the Buy button only the data which i am using to get to the page is changing thats all. I am providing with properties of the object both times

    {class: object,MSW_class: html_rect,html_name: "buy.jpg",location: 0}

    {class: object,MSW_class: html_rect,html_name: "buy.jpg",location: 0}

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    Re: shopping cart

    Is there a way to clear the buufer other than GUI_Unload_all()

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    Re: shopping cart

    Can you try using web_obj_get_child_item fuction, to get the link? (Please check the WR documention/help files for detailed explaination on syntax & arguments).

    I think the link is formed dynamically and so it is different for different items. So it would be better if you get the row no. & col no (tbl_* & web_tbl_* functions will help in that)and then get the embedded link in a variable (which will contain the physical properties of the link) and finally perform the desired operation (e.g. click) using this.

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    Re: shopping cart

    was able to sove this proble. Deleted the array element each time it is created that way when i enter the browser nest time buffer is clear.

    delete term[i]



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