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    WinRunner online Exam

    I am asked to take a WinRunner and TestDirector Online exam (proveit.com) in two days. Because I'm new in automated testing, I need your help here. I welcome any information on the two test (exam). Thanks.

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    Re: WinRunner online Exam

    If you have no idea about automated testing, then you presumably know nothing about WinRunner or TestDirector. How in the world do you expect to be able to pass the exam?

    Please do not expect people here to help you to cheat.

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    Re: WinRunner online Exam

    IF new_to_manual_testing AND
    ... new_to_tools_mentioned THEN
    ...... GET formal training in manual testing AND
    ...... GET manual testing experience AND
    ...... Postpone your exam.
    END IF

    WHEN Trained_in_Manual Testing = TRUE
    .... Pick one of the two tools and get training.
    .... INCLUDE do the tutorial.
    .... INCLUDE Get_experience.
    .... IF above_complete THEN
    ........ Pick the other tool and get training
    ........ INCLUDE do the tutorial.
    ........ INCLUDE Get_experience.
    .... ENSURE illegal copies of tools are avoided
    .... AND illegal usage is reported to auhtorities

    ETA to be productive at either tool - at least four months.

    Formal training can be substituted with strong mentoring in combination with completing the tutorials that ship with the tools. Do you have a strong mentor to assist you? Also, you could always take the exam to give you insight into the tools - assuming the exams are robust?!?

    You can get training here: http://www.qatraining.net/

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    Re: WinRunner online Exam

    Hopefully the site Prove it! will prove that you aren't someone to hire for a position like this.

    Please don't come here expecting us to help you get a job you aren't qualified for, and if you do happen to land it, I am sure most of us won't go out of our way to hlep you once you get in over your head.
    Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results



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