Suppose my application is having a screen like table that contains of 5 products listed.there are 5 columns and 5 rows. Each

row has info about a particular product and each column has name , product number , price , Quantity etc. Winrunner has

to be set in GUI so that it has to identify this table as table of 5 rows and columns. Say for example i want to put a value say

"hamam" in 1'st row and 1'st column position (1x1) , i can put it as

tbl_set_cell_data("Table[5x5]", "1", "1", hamam);
tbl_activate_cell("Table[5x5]", "1", "1");

so this will put the data hamam into that particular 1x1 place and activate it.Right!.

My concern is how to map a group of Area like a table of Rows and Columns as a table , so that i can use tbl_set_cell_data

command to put value in to my application in the corresponding row X column position .I just want to make my winrunner to

understand it as like table . If it is user defined function also it is ok.Please send me step by step info how to map in GUI

configuration and how to define if it is user defined function.My concer is to put data into my application , so that winrunner

must understand it as rows and columns. Please let me know..