Hi All,

I am testing web application, It has many scenarios, every time we get in to the site the security alert window will open (number time the window opens is random). so I am using web exception. before it used to work fine.For every script (scenario) I need to set the exception and it was taking link security Alert,security Alert*_1,security Alert*_2,... Now it is saying the exception already exist.To active the exception I am un checking and again checking the exception. but some times it is working and some time it is not.
are we need to active the exceptions which are there already?

Please give me the suggestions to solve this issue.

And one more thing is that I am using two licenses, I script from one license with exceptions, I run the scripts from another license in this case the exceptions are not moving to the second license. is there any why to move the exceptions to other license. if yes please let me know the solution

Thanks and Regards