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    using Perl in WinRunner

    Hi all,

    can we write automated scripts in winrunner using Perl. I'm a Perl developer and interested in writing automated scripts. Provide me anylinks sothat i can have some idea of that.

    Happy New Year all...

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    Re: using Perl in WinRunner

    You can launch PERL from WinRunner, or have PERL launch WInRunnter tests by using the system commmand against the command line.

    The languauge is close, as TSL is a derivitive of C, as is PERL formatting (to a point), but your PERL language knowledge isn't going to be enough to do it. There are a lot of commands you need to learn specific to TSL that interact with the GUI and all their quirks.

    You have a good start with PERL, but you need to go through the tutorial and learn the basics of the tool which will hinder you in making the higher usage levels of compiled modules where coding is essential.
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