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    WinRunner : recognition by number of item?


    I'm working with WinRunner 8.0 and powerbuilder 10.
    By recording a tabpage, I would like to generate a line of selection by the number of item (number of mitre) and not its wording like hereafter:
    tab_select_item (“tab_synthese”, “Given banking”); # Item Number 5;
    I would thus like that it makes the recording directly automatically as what follows:
    tab_select_item (“tab_synthese”, “#5”);

    which option or property or function I must set up so that that occurs thus?

    Thank you with all people being able to help me.

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    Re: WinRunner : recognition by number of item?

    Sorry, I guess there's no chance to change WRs way of recording this.

    But hey, if that's the only coding you'll have to do manually to get a robust and maintainable script, I would not complain about it if I were you! [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]




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