hi all,
i have to test a java application in winrunner Ver7.6 in Windows XP.The application under consideration is built in java swings.Ther r different users & each user has his own unique screen after getting logged in depending upon the privilages.this is also password enabled.The no of users is close to 15 & tat is bound to increase which means at the moment ther r 15 different first screens after login depending upon the privilages of user.
now,my question is : is it possible to perform data driven testing for the login screen ie getting users & pswd from database,putting them in excel sheet & running them?if yes how?can we write a script for this kind of data driven testing?if yes,pls give me the script if possible.i had done this but iam not getting it,so iam just kind of experimenting with this.so,i want to know if this thing is possible or not or else if i have to go in for individual manual testing.
Thanking u all.