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    Error: Object is not found.


    Please help me for below question,

    I have a window with multiple tables in the GUI. When I run the script, set_window(...) success, but tbl_get_cell_data("table_2"...) fail because of "Error: Object is not found". I opened GUI editor - there was no problem to show Window and tables (include table_2). Could you please tell me why I got the run-time error (why the table_2 could not be found during the run-time?).


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    Re: Error: Object is not found.

    winrunner problem. wrong forum
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    Re: Error: Object is not found.

    Object not found is usually caused by having changed the logical name in either the script and or the gui map.
    Also note that the only logical names available to your script at any one time are those under the name of the most recent set window.
    I usually manage to generate this by having a cal to a script which uses a different window and forget to set it back once it returns especially if it is a conditional call so some times it works and some times it doesn't

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    Re: Error: Object is not found.

    WinRunner fails to identify an object in a GUI due to various reasons.
    i. The object is not a standard windows object.
    ii. If the browser used is not compatible with the WinRunner version, GUI Map Editor will not be able to learn any of the objects displayed in the browser window.



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