I have an AddFlow ActiveX that I need to click on text within it. A few weeks ago, I was using the obj_find_text to get the coordinates and then firing off a click at those points. It worked perfectly for some time. Then I went on to other scripts and came back a few weeks later and the function I wrote just wouldn't work. I tried the obj_get_text and for some reason my node in the Addflow named D_289756 was showing up as D 289756. I checked other systems and they are fine, they have the same version of ocx, same version of the AUT. I'm at a loss as to explain this, has anybody seen this before?

And before I'm told to manipulate the ActiveX itself, I've tried for days now. I finally got the syntax right, but it only works for about half of the properties and methods. Oh the joys of working with "unsupported" ActiveX controls!!!