Hello colleagues,

I'm using the SUN jdk 1.4.2 plug-in and the WR75P178 patch which supports that jdk. But I have a problem with application which works by https protocol. Trying to load it in IE I get "Warning HTTPS" message box which says that "The host name in the server security certificate does not match the name of the server. Do you want to proceed?". This is a standard situation and clicking the "Yes" button this window has to be disappeared and applet has to be loaded. But using WR75P178 patch that message box remains on the screen and when I click the "Yes" or "No" buttons of this message box nothing happens.
Using an application which works by http (not https) there are no any problems: applet is loaded and WR sees all Java objects.

Could anyone explain me how to solve this problem?

WR 7.5; Java AddIn 7.50.705.0; WR75P178 patch and WR75P87 patch was installed first.

Thank you