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    edit_set don\'t work for some cases

    Hi ALL! I have a problem with edit_set function.
    In generated script edit_set for this window don't work. (I tested for other window and don't find any issue with edit_set funchtion)
    Physical description of PlanID
    class: edit,
    MSW_class: html_edit,
    html_name: PlanID

    Part of script:
    set_window("Search Plan Id",142);

    The error that shown in Run Wizard is:WinRunner cannot find the edit "PlanID", then by clicking HAND button to recognize it the message is following : WinRunner cannot find a corresponding
    set_window statement in your script(see part of script please).

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    Re: edit_set don\'t work for some cases

    We have run into pretty much the same issue on our application. It is developed for a web based presentation to the user and has some .NET components

    We ended up having to use obj_type with the use of forcing backspaces into the field to clear out the data before entering the data we wanted (just in case there is a default text that is prefilled into the field)
    Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results



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