We are working with a complex web application and these are the few challenges

1) Our product is still in a development phase and with every release development keeps on making major changes to enhance the application functionality and usability . The global changes they make are causing our scripts to break as the Object properties change . This results in a lot of rework and I end up going one step forward two step back .
2) We are using a lot of custom objects in our application which can not be mapped to any standard MS object

Steps Taken :
For the first problem I am creating a dynamic GUI library . I have created a script ( CreateDynamicGUI) which will go through the various screens of our app and create the window and the objects in that window dynamically . I have worked with our development team to identify the specific attributes of every object type which would make it unique and should not change with different release . This way even if a change is made I can rerun my script ( CreateDynamicGUI) and relearn those objects .

The second problem is a bit tricky , I am the only one in our group who has a programming background and if I continue to rely extensively on coding it would pose as a problem for the rest of the team who I am trying to train .

What I am looking for is your advise on
Whether the first approach I am taking looks like a viable one , if not what are your suggestions to overcome this problem .
I have looked a bit into the Customization Guide and it seems like there is a way to create custom record functions for custom objects and save them as .dlls

e.g. for all objects that have the following physical description{ MSW class :html_general_element, tag_nameIV, attribute/widgetType: Button, attribute/id:XXX), we will execute a web_event("XXX","click",3,3);
Any suggestions /advise ???