Hi All,
I need winrunner code for following scenario.

I have one readonly textbox with search button.I just click on the search button. IT will open one child dropdown box with ok,cancel button. i have select one value from the list and click ok button. While selecting the time the list which has selected displayed in the dropdown box. But after clicking ok button it doesn't appear in the readonly text box.

Here i have pasted my winrunner script . But it is picking value but not put into the textbox.

set_window("Mainwindow",7); # main window
web_link_click("Search"); # click search button
set_window("Listwindow",5); # child window
list_select_item("validList",Inputval["Birds"]); # select value from dropdown box
web_link_click("OK"); # click ok from child window

Could you anyone giveme the solution.