Hi, I'm a newbie of WinRunner.

I need to drag an item from a list, then drop it to another list in the same window. Under Context Sensative mode, the recorded script is like:

win_activate ("wnd_1");
set_window ("wnd_1", 10);
list_drag_item ("lst_1", "item1");
obj_drop ("lst_2", 219, 60);

However, the above scrip failed to replay. Every single statement returned OK, but the item was not dragged. I had to use Analog mode to make the drag and drop operation work. Since the index of the item I want to drag is dynamic, so I have to redo the Analog recording every time when the index changes. I really want to know how to make the Context Sensative Mode work. Can anybody please tell me what's wrong with the above code? Thanks a lot!

Actually, I searched this forum, tried to add a wait() statement between the list_drag_item and obj_drop, still didn't work.

By the way, I have another same kind of drag and drop operation in the same window, the Context Sensative Mode is working. The only difference I could see is that the destination list in the failed one has only 1 item, and the success one has 2 items. Does the number of items in the list matter?