Looking for help/advice with an odd issue.

I have a script that checks inventory on a web site using WR 7.01 and WebTest. The script runs simultaneously on several PCs, almost like a miniature load tester. These are data driven tests and each client might run a couple hundred iterations.

On some of the PCs, I see the following behavior:

Start script.
Script opens browser, navigates to URL.
Script fills out/submits form.
Script waits for next page to load showing requested inventory.

Here's the funky bit

WinRunner disappears. The window goes away completely. I have to exit WinRunner from the icon in the system tray and restart.

Usually, after restarting the script a couple of times, it runs without issues. It's also only some of the PCs having this issue. They run WinNT and 2000. Doesn't seem to be a correlation between the OS and the issue. There are also several versions of IE involved, all earlier than v6.

I've watched the test run, and it appears to die around a set_window or win_activate function. Hard to say for sure since the window is gone pretty quick.

Anyone every run into anything similar? Or, does anyone know of a WR log I can check to isolate where/what the issue is?

Thanks in advance.