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    Oracle Addins for WinRunner 7.01

    We are planning to automate Oracle Financial Application using WinRunner 7.01. Does Oracle Addins are supported for WinRunner 7.01, if yes then which version of Oracle Addins do we need to purchase???

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    Re: Oracle Addins for WinRunner 7.01

    WinRunner 7.01 does support Oracle Forms (Which I assume you mean) mercury will be able to tell you which version of the forms you need to get, this will depend on the version of oracle forms you are using.
    Richard Hunter

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    Re: Oracle Addins for WinRunner 7.01

    What version of Oracle Apps? 10.7? 11.0? 11i? That decides the answer to your question.

    Your could also contact Mercury (or local rep), which you are going to have to do anyway to purchase the correct add-in.



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