I have a GUI map that is growing and I now intend to split this GUI map. The problem is: I have a constant, GUI_PATH that gets the complete path of the GUI file say \\location\abc.gui. I use this contant to load the GUI map at startup. If I split this GUI map into 2 and name the files as \\location\abc1.gui and \\location\abc2.gui and assign them to two constants now GUI1_PATH and GUI2_PATH respectively, there is no problem loading these GUI maps at startup. The problem I currently have is that I use GUI_PATH in a lot of functions and scripts to update the properties, etc., of GUI objects using GUI_buf_set_desc, etc., and I have a lot of scripts that depend on this path, GUI_PATH as it is the default for the GUI map.

My question is: Is there a way to assign the same constant GUI_PATH to search either GUI file at \\location\abc1.gui and \\location\abc2.gui and update the exact GUI map without having to change the scripts. I am looking for something that can look in \\location\abc*.gui when I specify GUI_PATH and update the corresponding GUI object. Is this possible and if yes, how do I go about doing it?

If anyone was wondering why I am trying to split the GUI map, we are having performance problems and are losing part of the GUI map (more than half of it) very often even though the GUI map is only about 365 KB. I tried to move the GUI map file to a different location and it is not working. Mercury could not find a solution for my problem.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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