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Thread: slow execution

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    slow execution

    Hi Guys,
    I'm new to winrunner. when i'm running the scripts, set_window() is talking lot of time. Can any one suggest, how to make these scripts run faster. And also, can anybody send links to documents or white papers for testing java applet application using winrunner.

    thanks a lot.

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    Re: slow execution

    For your first question.... !

    Winrunner uses two timeout values and this take its time till it finds the Object / Window.

    Either the Timeout should happen or the object should appear, Winrunner proceeds to next line only if either of it happens.

    To decrease the timeout, you can set it to 0 by just giving, Eg:

    set_window("Window Name");

    and also go to Menu Tools -> General Options -> Run -> Settings

    Set Timeout for Checkpoints and CS statements to required timouts in milli seconds.

    Hope this solves your problem
    Siva Kumar

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    Re: slow execution

    I will try that solution. Thanks Sivakumar.



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