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    Re: record & playback

    I think you need to clarify that somewhat.

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    Re: record & playback

    Hi Jessica,

    the problem is not clear...
    can you give detailed information...

    i assumed that u have recorded script for two
    windows Window A
    Window B
    while recording in WindowB it was not recorded
    instead it is using WindowA


    01. Check that WindowB and WindowA dont ve
    same names
    02. And WindowB is not a Child window of
    WindowA that too with same name.

    give me more info. to clear your doubt.


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    Re: record & playback

    I think more details will give better understand problem and give a clear solution
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    record & playback

    well i had recorded and while playing its not reading the tab in next window instead wr recording the same initial window as
    set_window("welcome to login",3).

    Did any one faced same problems .

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    Re: record & playback


    The probelm is.

    1)when iam recording window A with sub window a
    then wr didn't recognising the sub window a.

    2) Also after finishing recording when wr is invoke its writing script as
    toolbar_button_press("ToolbarWindow32_0","WinRunne r-[c:\\documents and setting\\aa\\a1*]");
    Error displayed as

    Error:Item not found

    Continue Pause

    Did anyone face such problems please help me out.

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    Re: record & playback

    ad 1)
    Try to use the GUI Spy to look at subwindow a: Do the displayed properties match with the properties stored in the GUI Map? Is the class-property of subwindow a of type "window"?

    ad 2) The error message says that WR cannot find the toolbar item named "WinRunner-[c:\\documents and setting\\aa\\a1*]" within the system toolbar. Maybe you've stored the script, which made the asterisk at the end of the filename disappear - and that's enough for WR not to find this item... (and using regular expressions on the 2nd param of toolbar_button_press() is not possible).
    I don't know why you need to click on the WR task - WR will automatically come up when your test is finished. Try to modify your script so that you don't need to do any automated actions against WinRunner.


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    Re: record & playback

    Hi Jessica,

    the meaning of

    toolbar_button_press("ToolbarWindow32_0","WinRunne r-[c:\\documents and setting\\aa\\a1*]");

    while recording u click on the Tool bar where
    our opened applications getting displayed then
    it records like above...

    so u got an error when Win Runner doesn't find
    that application in the Toolbar (it should be

    thats why its better go for TSL scripting instead of recording upto opening an application like
    then u didn't get such type of problems...

    for immediate response


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    Re: record & playback

    Thanks Venkat,

    Problem had sloved.



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