I have to test a web site which is semi dynamic. I have found some points for which winrunner can be and can not be used to test the web site:

1. A web page is Enabled, Focused, it's label, minimized/maximized states, minimizable/maximizable, Resizable, Width, Height, X, Y.
2. We can count the number of objects on a web page.
3. We can chek the structure of a frame, table, cell.
4. Checking the Content of Frames, Cells, Links, or Images
5. Checking the Number of Columns and Rows in a Table
6. Checking the URL of Links
7. Checking Source or Type of Images and Image Links
8. Checking Color or Font of Text Links
9. Checking Broken Links
10. Checking the Content of Tables
11. Checking Links and Images in a Frame
12. Checking Text on the web page
13. Checking the existance of the text on the web page.

Note: All this we can do using the GUI Check points.

14. Checking the size and placement of the images/objects.

I am not able to access these property values in the script using the function object_get_info().

1. we can not chek the web page load time.
2. We can not check the alt text of an image.
3. We can not check the font properties of the text on the we page.
4. Can not check the background color of the page etc.

My Query:
Can any body tell me what else we can test in a web site using winrunner except the ones which i have mentioned.

Please help me soon.