WinRunner Java Add-in and QuickTest Professional Java Add-in have implemented in the way that it's library files are stored in the same directory and some of the registry entry are the same but with different values for different products. Since WinRunner Java Add-in and QuickTest Java Add-in are still two different Addins that support two different product, for the old version of WinRunner 7.5 and Java Add-in 7.5, user cannot installed and work with both WinRunner 7.5 with Java Add-in 7.5 and QuickTest Professional with Java Add-in at the same time. As during installation of WinRunner Java Add-in, it overwrites the files for the QuickTest Java Add-in and causing problem to use QuickTest Professional with Java Add-in. This is the same if user install QuickTest Java Add-in, it overwrites the files of the WinRunner Java Add-in and it doesn't work.

Now, WinRunner 7.6 have over come this limitation to allow user to install both product and its Java Add-in in the same machine. Also, through the switching tool, user can select to load the Java Add-in support for one specific product.