Hi All,

I am not able to record anything from a java application that I would like to automate.

I have the following:

Windows XP
WinRunner 7.6
Java add-in 7.6
J2RE version 1.3.1_02

I can view the objects in the mercury tours sample java website though.

When I start a new test, open the GUI map editor and click the "Learn" button, it does not record anything from the application. And if I try to record a test, nothing gets recorded.

The blue coffee cup is in my system tray and is enabled. I checked the classpath too.Its the same as in the knowledge base.

Any ideas why I can't record from my java application?

Note: I tried the same in QTP,and it works with QTP though [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] .But since I am more familiar with WR I want to know if its possible with WR.