I am having problems with accessing data tables from my compiled modules. We have all of our scripts and data tables on a network drive. As you know, WinRunner creates a local copy of the scripts and data tables as each test is run.

To make it simple, what I am seeing is that if a compiled module accesses a data table for reading or writing, then when that compiled module is either REloaded or UNloaded, it overwrites the network copy of my data table with the local copy of the data table.

So, the function in my compiled module opens the NETWORK copy of my data table, by UNC path. It makes it's updates, and saves. If I put a breakpoint in my function and view the data table on the network, all looks good. When the function completes and I close the compiled module, that is when the data table is copied from the local drive to the network, and my changes are gone.

Any ideas/thoughts?