Hi Guys,
I would like to be able to have my expected results held at the lowest level of a call chain, but am unsure of how to do this.
An example of my structure is below:
Batch Script
|_Test Case Script
|_Application Screen Script
|_Validation Script

I have multiple test case scripts, but for each screen of the application I have only one Screen Script and one Validation Script. The Validation Script contains GUI checkpoints for individual objects on the screen.
I would like the expected results to be held at the Validation Script level, but be available to the Test Case Script level.
My thinking is, that if I have my expected results at the Test Case Script level, and I had 100 test cases, then a change to a component on a screen would require me to make 100 updates, as opposed to only one if the results were held at the lowest level.
Has anyone any ideas on how I could achieve this? I have been through old threads on the topic, but nothing seems to be a workable solution.
Appreciate any help.