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    Canīt open test


    I was using a batch script to execute some test scripts and had to migrate the scripts to another machine. Everything was installed just as in the other machine and I can execute scripts manually within the winrunner.

    But the batch is not working.The batch launches Winrunner, loads the script and immediately closes everything.

    There in only 1 entry in the wrstderr file which goes like this:
    "WinRunner Warning:Can't open test C:\scripts\testscipt"

    Any suggestion as to what could be wrong ?


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    Re: Canīt open test

    Probably obvious but check the following
    - The file is in the right place (Yeah ok you have checked this)
    - You have permissions on the drive
    - The serch path in General Options > Folders is set correctly ( I have had problems with this in the past ) Add c:\script into the search path and see if that works. If it does add a '.' into it (Remove quotes), remove the c:\script and it should now load all files.

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    Re: Canīt open test

    what do u mean by "I can execute scripts manually within the winrunner." can u elaborate ?



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