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    Recording Web Based objects

    Hello Guys

    Which is the best method for recording in web based testing and Why?

    Context Sensitive Recording or Analog Recording
    Srikanth Harkara
    Software Engineer - QA

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    Re: Recording Web Based objects

    Better way is Context Sensitive Not only for Web based application for all application.

    But the Best way is Don't use both recording(It should be a partial) for your testing do it by programming. This is the best way of doing automation testing.


    GFT Technologies,

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    Re: Recording Web Based objects

    Is this an interview question?

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    Re: Recording Web Based objects

    Yup, it was asked in an interview at one of the Inidan company.

    Do anyone has idea of scripting with web based apps? Please guide me with the testing web based apps.
    Srikanth Harkara
    Software Engineer - QA

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    Re: Recording Web Based objects

    That's what the WebTest add-in is for, which comes with your basic WinRunner installation.
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    Re: Recording Web Based objects

    Well, this may be basic question.I wanted to know how to record the web based testing, I know about the Add-in feature and I used add web, then I don't know how to record the web based application.
    Can anyone guide me through step by step procedure about how to record the web based testing.
    Give me some example, of real site, like Microsoft.com or something for better understanding.
    Your help would be highly appreciated.

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    Re: Recording Web Based objects

    For example, let us take a testcase which tests login.
    testcase says:
    Invoke rediffmail.com.
    Enter valid login and password.
    click Go button.
    Click Go To Inbox link
    Expected result:
    Inbox is displayed.

    Automate this test case as follows.

    1. Invoke WinRunner along with WebTest addin.
    2. Select a new test.
    3. open a web site. ex: rediffmail.com
    4. select context sensitive recording in Winrunner and enter login password, click Go button.
    5.Click on the link, Go to Inbox

    script looks like this.

    # Welcome to rediff
    set_window("Welcome to rediff",11);
    edit_set("login","username here");
    password_edit_set("passwd","encrypted password here");
    web_image_click("go_a", 9, 6);

    # Welcome to Rediffmail: Inbox
    set_window("Welcome to Rediffmail: Inbox",1);
    web_link_click("Go to your Inbox");

    # Welcome to Rediffmail:
    set_window("Welcome to Rediffmail:",11);

    stop recording and save GUI in a location .

    close rediffmail and again invoke rediffmail and run this test, this is called play back.
    This method is not used in real time projects.

    we need to use TSL.
    existing script can be modified using TSL>

    1.To make winrunner to invoke the site by itself,
    add the following lines as first two lines in the script.


    For validations, win_exists() can be verified using if else.

    Hope this will help you.

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    Re: Recording Web Based objects

    Thanks a lot padmalaya,I think it should work, I understands all the steps, and thanks once again for the details explanation.
    If I should have any question then I will post, let me try this.



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