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    script on diffrent browsers

    Hi folks!
    i got a problem while working in testing a web application. i recorded a script in WR on IE. now i want to execute the script on Netscape. so, what changes must be made in the script to run?

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    Re: script on diffrent browsers

    Are these interview questions? Or are you just completely out of your depth?

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    Re: script on diffrent browsers

    HI peter!
    u struck the right point. actually these are interview questions only but i don't have answers. hence i posted here to get the answers from gurus like u. plz don't disappoint me..
    iam new to testing.

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    Re: script on diffrent browsers

    Well, if you spent a little time browsing this forum, you would see that we do not like to answer interview questions or test questions. The reason is simple -- you don't (or shouldn't) get a job as a (WinRunner) tester by memorizing answers. You do it by learning the tool.

    I suggest you go away and use the WinRunner tutorial for a START. That won't make you an expert, but at least you'll understand a little better.

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    Re: script on diffrent browsers

    well peter!
    thx for ur kind suggestion.
    i already started the tutorial. but hope i am not up to the mark. i wil do it again. well u r good at helping me.



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