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    GUI Files and Datatable


    I would like to know whether GUI Files and Datatables are saved in the Test Director.


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    Re: GUI Files and Datatable

    i am sorry , difficult to finf


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    Re: GUI Files and Datatable


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    Re: GUI Files and Datatable

    Well, they can be. If you have GUI file per test, and a default location for the data tables, then they WILL be, because they are then part of the script scructure.

    In our environment, we prefer to keep them both (Global GUI files and data tables) on a network drive, not in TD.

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    Re: GUI Files and Datatable

    Hi ,

    I am the only user of winrunner in my environment.
    I am not using it in teworking , neither am i using TD.
    So where wud my Global GUI files & data tables stored?

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    Re: GUI Files and Datatable

    Global GUI files are stored per project
    Datatables are stored per test as are GUI per test files. when using TD

    If your not Using TD then the GUI files are stored wherever you select to save them to as are the data tables.

    If you have not specifically set a location try within the folder that the script is stored in you will find a folder that has the same name as the test most likely somewhere in the test folder under winrunner home directory.



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