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    Problem with testing web pages


    Am using winrunner 7.0 on IE 6.0,while trying to recognise the objects of the web the gui editor is picking up the whole frame ie html frame.But is not picking up the objects.

    In case the higher version of winrunner performs the above operation,can i get an evaluation copy for the same.

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    Re: Problem with testing web pages

    You may try installing IE 5.5 .I am using WR 7.01 and I faced the problem of WR not recognising objects which was solved by installing IE5.5.

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    Re: Problem with testing web pages

    I don't think WR7.0 supports IE6.0. IE5.5 works perfectly with WR7.0

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    Re: Problem with testing web pages

    Try some searching of this forum. This question has come up many times before.
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