Hi All,

My company currently has an extensive, but messy test suite. We've been given the go ahead to re-engineer our test suite from scratch - lucky us!.

We're currently looking at using a keyword driven test methodology as discussed on www.sqa-test.com.

The first problem we've hit is how to use field names as arguments to an "Enter" function. As the Application is Powerbuilder based, this also required the tester writing the data table scripts to know the physical name of the PB datawindow. Instead of just needing the field name. As this can be anything like dw_1, dw_sp_order_driver etc it's a bit hit and miss, and would need an elephantine memory or constant use of the GUI spy.

Any ideas on how to work around this. My own suggestion is to write some code, that runs through the window and finds the field using the GUI map, but there's a chance this would be too slow.

FYI, I'm new to Winrunner. I'm a Powerbuilder PL/SQL developer by trade so aren't yet aware of what winrunner is/is not capable of.