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    copy and paste values

    There is a Visual Basic named form1 with of 6-7 text boxes which consists of some text in each textbox

    I need to capture that text and save it and copy the same text in the same feilds but in a different visual basic form form2.

    I captured the text with obj_get_text. but where should i store this data and retrieve it to copy to another VB form?

    if you ask me to store the data in data table can anyone please tell me how to enter the values which we got from obj_get_text in the data tables.

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    Re: copy and paste values

    Use ddt_set_val();
    make sure that the data table is in READWRITE mode.

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    Re: copy and paste values


    I have tried this way


    but it is copying in the first row.........
    where as i want to copy it to 3rd row.

    Also can you please tell me how to retrieve the values from the thirdrow directly


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    Re: copy and paste values

    Are you using a ddt_save(); before you ddt_close();? Also, I think you might need to use ddt_next_row(); or the function to set a value by row in order (ddt_set_val_by_row(); ??)
    to write/save if you are only writing to the datatable and there is nothing else in it.

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    Re: copy and paste values

    ddt_set_val() pastes the values in the current row.
    use ddt_get_row_count() to check the no. of rows.
    before using ddt_set_val() - make sure that the table has required rows.{try giving empty rows}



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