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    Reading controls from a web page

    I have a web page that loads a set of radio buttons and check boxes. The number of radio buttons or check boxes varies depends on the input I supply at a previous page. So I am trying to read the radio buttons and checkboxes at run time. ie., after the page loads. I came across a function that i cannot find in the TSL online reference or the help manual. The function is web_obj_get_desc(). Its function is supposedly similar to that of obj_get_desc(). When I tried to use obj_get_desc() i was not able to read the radio button at all. But when I used web_obj_get_desc() I was able to read the object as a radio button. The syntax of the functions as as follows.

    obj_get_desc(object,obligatory,optional,selector,d esc)

    How do I retrieve the properties for the control read using the second function? Is there any other function that would allow me to read the controls on a web page at run time?

    Hoping for a reply from you.


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    Re: Reading controls from a web page


    I have also run in similar problem.
    Did you get the solution.
    Also can you let me know if i can find the count of radio buttons in an html page..
    Because the number of buttons keeps on changing..




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