Hi All,

I am trying to record on an Excel sheet which is basically for Oracle Applications11i to upload the data using ADI(Web ADI creates an Excel document to post the data).
Issue : Winrunner is not able to identify the objects during playback in Excel(ver 2000) sheet that is created by Web ADI.
It works fine when I am trying on normal Excel sheet.
How to overcome this ?
Please find the script below.
Using : WinRunner7.01

# Microsoft Excel - Book1
set_window ("Microsoft Excel - Book1", 1);
obj_mouse_click ("Book1", 370, 120, LEFT);
obj_mouse_click ("Worksheet Menu Bar", 286, 11, LEFT);

# Or&acle
win_mouse_click ("Or&acle", 52, 8);

# Shell DocObject View_2
set_window ("Shell DocObject View_2", 4);
obj_mouse_click ("Internet Explorer_Server", 46, 309, LEFT);
obj_mouse_click ("Internet Explorer_Server", 534, 195, LEFT);

Thanks in advance.
Early response is appreciated.

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