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    WR edit_wait_info field not""

    I have a edit field that is always enabled. After form loads it has a random number. How can I use edit_wait_info on this txt field. What property can I use ?
    Can I do something like wait till value not "" using edit_wait_info

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    Re: WR edit_wait_info field not""

    Originally posted by anmol_khanna:
    Can I do something like wait till value not "" using edit_wait_info
    <font size="2" face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica">You can try that. If you happen to grab a value that will not change and wait on it to change, you will of course be in for a long wait.

    You might want to put the wait_info in a loop and have a time-out value of a few seconds in your wait_info statement. Make sure you include a set_window statement in front of the wait_info.

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    Re: WR edit_wait_info field not""

    You can use a regular expression in your edit_wait_info so that it waits for any number. Example:

    set_window("MyWindow", 5);



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