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    WinRunner Automated Testing on Locked PC


    Just wondering if anyone has seen the same issue...

    I have an automated test which runs as a scheduled task. It works as long as my PC screen *NOT* locked. But if I were to lock my screen/PC, the test fails and says it can't find the GUI object. Here's how the result file looks like.

    Any ideas? Thanks in advance

    Line Event Result Details Time

    43 start run run login_logout3 00:00:00
    2 User Message --- invoke browser status = 0. 00:00:16
    10 User Message --- login ok = 0. 00:02:10
    12 context sensitive error--- set_window:"APS Home Page" Error: Object is not found.00:04:04
    13 User Message --- window home ok = -10002. 00:04:04
    14 context sensitive error--- web_link_click:"APS" Object is not in the GUI map.00:04:04
    16 context sensitive error--- web_link_click:"Pending Notifications" Object is not in the GUI map.00:04:04
    19 context sensitive error--- set_window:"Pending Approval Notifications" Error: Object is not found.00:04:18
    20 context sensitive error--- web_link_click:"Notification Rules" Object is not in the GUI map.00:04:18
    23 context sensitive error--- set_window:"Approval Notifications Rules" Error: Object is not found.00:04:33
    24 context sensitive error--- web_link_click:"Logout" Object is not in the GUI map.00:04:33
    25 stop run fail login_logout3 00:04:33

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    Re: WinRunner Automated Testing on Locked PC

    Unfortunately, you're going to have to leave the machine unlocked. This is one limitation of WinRunner that is difficult to overcome. If running on a locked PC is a big requirement, you may want to look into using QuickTest Pro. My understanding of QTP is that it does not take full control of your machine when it's running, so I'm guessing it can run in the background while your machine is locked. If any QTP users can confirm this, I would appreciate it.
    Boyd Patterson
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    Re: WinRunner Automated Testing on Locked PC

    So it is.Winrunner cant't run in backgroud.Is there any tools can run in backgroud and have the same function as winrunner?
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    Re: WinRunner Automated Testing on Locked PC

    Hi WR users,

    Thanks for the replies.

    The weird thing is it actually runs the test... it opens a browser, logs in with username & password, but after clicking the login button, the test just stops. So I would say that WinRunner runs from a locked PC, depending on the actions....

    Anyone has any more ideas?

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    Re: WinRunner Automated Testing on Locked PC

    I work in an environment where corporate screensavers kick-in, and they are password-protected, locking out the machine.

    If you are in a similar situation and simply need to keep the screen-saver from comingon, you could write a function to do it. Create a function that moves the mouse around using the analog functions move_locator_abs and move_locator_rel.
    Tom Eble
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    Re: WinRunner Automated Testing on Locked PC

    Anybody has the running the SCript on the Locked PC. Iam also facing the same problem, script is running on the locked PC, Here the APplication is opening and script stops to execute. When i again logged in the PC i see the My application in the inactive state.........
    any ideas and suggestion will be appreciated.

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    Re: WinRunner Automated Testing on Locked PC

    Running on a locked machine is not supported with WinRunner. So, whether it works or not if you call Mercury they are going to say "Best of luck, not supported." You might try looking at a virtual machine type of architecture, such as VMWare or VirtualPC. Technically these environments are not supported, but they "might" work as a VM...

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