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    javascript problem with winrunner 7.5+ I E 6.0

    There is one screen of the Project Information ,in that sceen there is select button for Address, phone no, city, country....
    when we press select button one search window popup of all this information...
    in that window all this data is in html table format.
    if we select adress in table entire row will be selected and we get all that data adress, city....
    so problem is that while recording that scereen,after search window popup ,winrunner7.5 fails to record that table text(IE6.0)
    Can anybody help me to sort out yhis problem?

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    Re: javascript problem with winrunner 7.5+ I E 6.0


    1) Please don't abuse the Moderator Alert feature. That is only for notifying moderators that something improper has been posted.

    2) Is this text table in the popup the only thing that cannot be recorded?

    3) Do you have all the latest patches from Mercury?

    4) Have you brought this problem to the attention of Mercury Support? If so, what did they say?
    Joe Strazzere
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