I want to write a WR7.5 test script to test an app with customised controls(PVMaskEdit.PVMaskEdit.1_0_1 ).
I have performed the steps documented in user manual to recognise a customised object.

When I record the test it does following.

set_window ("Record Maintenance", 6);
password_edit_set("PVMaskEdit.PVMaskEdit.1_6", "gzitfzktgz");

edit_set_selection ("PVMaskEdit.PVMaskEdit.1_6", 0, 201, 0, 0);

So it does recognise custom objects and does not record mouse_click statements

Question :

It is not a password field? How can I change it to be a normal field?
Why does winrunner think its a password field?

The reason I want to change is that password_edit_set is failing (edit_set failed error occurs).
Changing it to normal edit set may fix it.