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    Java Toolbar icon

    Hi everyone,
    I am testing java app (JRE:1.4.1_01) and I need to customize the Toolbar, for example, 'New Doc', 'Open', 'Print' etc. When I record them I got the following
    obj_mouse_click("xyzCommandButton_1", 10, 10, LEFT);
    It is supposed to be - let's say Open window. Can I create a custom clas and customized them. If so, please infrom me how. Or Can I use Virtual Object Wizerd? or any other way of handling this particular issue?
    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Java Toolbar icon

    Subu, try to create a custom class for this button type and map it to the standard class push_button.

    You'll have to do this with the menu Tools>GUI Map Configuration (Add to add a new class, Configure to configure the added class and to map it to a standard class).
    Check the user guide, it has these steps documented (and also how to make this configuration permanent).

    Hope this helps!



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