I have a strange problem that started occurring suddenly and I am wondering if anyone has seen this. I have been using WinRunner for several weeks and saving my scripts to the same Novell server all this time. Suddenly, one day, the save appeared to work but the script file "saved" was empty. By the time I realized what had happened I had saved again and lost the backup as well. Luckily, the file was VERY small. Basically, what is happening is that I can create and save a new script ok. Then, when I update the script and save again, the file is empty and the date and time for the file are correct. This only happens on a Novell server (tried 2 different servers) and not on my own machine or other non-Novell server. The systems people here are blaming WinRunner, but I would just like to see if anyone else has seen this problem. Also, a colleague is using the same WinRunner (7.5) and saving on the same Novell server without a problem. Only difference is that I am running Windows NT and he is running Windows 2000.

If anyone has seen something like this, please let me know. Thanks!!!

Evelyn Dobkin