I have a case where I am calling a test at the end of another test.Say, Test A executes itself and at the end, it calls Test B.
Looks like this:
Test A
call "Test B" ();

This piece of code executes and calls Test B and the control comes back to calling test. i.e,TestA and the report it generates displays only the messages written in Test A only.
I also have some messages written in Test B just like I do in Test A. I want these messages also to be displayed in "Test A" report and that too in the same format. I can as well make a string on all messages in test B and return it to the call statement. But that won't be in the same format as that of test A's report !!
Any ideas on this please?? Well, I can also write the messages in Test B, to a separate text file. But I don't want to do this. i want to exploit WR's reporting feature. Can I do this without Test Director??
Would appreciate a quick response in this regard.
Thanks in advance.