I am working with an application designed in Delphi. I am using WR7.5 for testing this application. I followed the procedure for installing the add-inns for delphi and was successful with the installation.

But,I am not able to understand following things.
The project file for delphi(.dpr) is on the developer's machine. He is incorporating the delphi addin testserver file in his project and buiding the executable for me. I have just the exe on my machine.

Now., I open the login screen for the application and recorded the following script:
win_activate ("Login to the Domain-cs Database");
set_window ("Login to the Domain-cs Database", 1);
obj_type ("TSMG_Edit","masterkey");
obj_mouse_click ("OK", 32, 7, LEFT);

where TSMG_Edit is the password edit field.When i try to replay the script it says that 'TSMG_Edit' object does not exists.
I tried the same procedure as above by first creating the GUI map for Login window and then recording the script.
This is my first live application testing using WR. Please help me ifanyone has any clue with the Installation of delphi addins and the above mentioned error. Its critical for me.
Thanks in advance