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    Problem with Terminal Emulator for VT100


    I am currently trying to automate testing for a character based application on Unix. I am using WinRunner 6.02 and Attachmate's Extra (Terminal Emulator for VT100) Ver 6.5. The problem I am having is that the TE_ functions like TE_get_text and TE_find_text does not work.

    I am trying to read strings from the screen and TE_ functions do not work. Functions like obj_get_text work.

    I have installed and loaded the TE add-in. I am also used the Winrunner configuration to configure the TE, but it looks like it does not seem to have a connection with it.
    I also load the TE first and then WinRunner.

    I presume that it is better to work with TE_ functions than functions like win_get_text or obj_get_text since it is an application running using the terminal emulator and I have got the add-ins too.

    Note that I did try using KEA!420 as well but to no avail.

    Please help with some pointers.


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    Re: Problem with Terminal Emulator for VT100

    I'm not fammilair with the TE plugin nor testing Terminal Emulators. But what I noticed is that you start first your application and then WinRunner, you should turn it arround, first WinRunner and then you application.


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